Help Small Businesses


Coronavirus pandemic outbreak moved from the healthcare crisis to an economic business crisis. As we try to anticipate how it will impact the businesses, we should mostly consider small and medium-sized (SME) enterprises. SME and revenue we attain from them is the backbone of each country. Halt in their progress will wipe out the economy as a whole. Unlike big companies, SME businesses will face a wide range of challenges in the landscape to an extreme degree. For most of the SME businesses, coronavirus has been a kick to the gut, and they fear they may never recover from the crisis. It’s during these times we can show our support as customers of course!

We all love to eat food; if it is from our favourite restaurant happier, we will be. We all strive to do whatever we can to make sure that our favourite restaurants are not hanging but still standing during this pandemic season. When social distancing is still in the picture, we won’t be able to walk right into the hotel, but we can do certain things that will, in turn, support them.

Technology Plays a Major Role

Start buying clothes from local business stores whenever you are shopping online. You have to remain very patient if the store has no background of transacted business through social media as they find new ways to live their livelihood. While scrolling through social media every day, we can pause and make an active effort to share the posts of the organizations you wish to support. We can also advertise them through social media and help the companies to boost sales.


Be Grateful and Tip Them

Since you have enough time to cook a delicious meal for yourself, don’t forget to order once in a while from your favourite restaurants. You should consider it during these difficult situations and afford to tip them. Restaurants indeed make only a few grants from take-out orders. However, with the dining option temporarily restricted, it would be very grateful to help them as they work every day on front line coping up with the dangerous infection.

 But Credit or Gift Cards

Git cards offer cash for small businesses of all kinds such as restaurants, shops and theatre. If one can’t afford to buy now, because the company is temporarily closed, you can consider buying the gift cards or credit cards, which you can use later. This kind of cash flow will mean a lot to SME businesses. Once the pandemic is over, and your favourite place reopens, you have a place to go and enjoy! Although man benefits come through leveraging gift cards and credit cards, one must know that they can’t be redeemed if the particular organization runs out of businesses.


It’s a Survival Issue

The infection transmitted by coronavirus is vast, and the most affected landscape is healthcare and economy. It’s us who must save the SMEs, not only as a customer but as a neighbour too. We must lend our hands to support them with monetary funds, social influence, and talent.